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INS can provide physical security with camera surveillance monitors by integrating with access control, intrusion detectors and other facility control. It is a useful technological way to conduct surveillance of property, vehicles or people and to prove or negate an incident.

Monitoring specific areas could be:

  • Shipping and receiving areas
  • Reception areas, elevators, hallways and exit doors
  • Parking areas and perimeters
  • Storage areas
  • Cashier stations and vaults
  • Jewelry displays
  • Recreation facilities

Say NO To Home Security Systems With Contracts - Go Wireless!

INSdialer.gifEnough is enough! I'm just as sick as you are of home security companies charging you all sorts of hidden fees and making you sign contracts with fine print!

Well I've got something to tell you. I'm letting their deepest, darkest secret out of the bag!

It's something that these home security companies have known about for a long time, but don't want you to know: There is a way to protect your home with a professional, high-quality home security system without paying monthly monitoring fees! They'll never tell you that, but I will.


"I feel completely at ease when I leave the house, knowing my home will call me any time my home security system is tripped!"

That's why choosing Protector Plus, America's favorite Wireless Home Security System, just makes sense! You pay no monthly fees, no false alarm fines, and no installation charges. Plus, there's no contract to sign - period!

When triggered, rather than calling some guy in a "monitoring" center, this home security system calls you. You get to listen in on your home to determine if it a real emergency. If you don't answer, it calls three of your friends until someone answers.

Once you buy it, you own it with nothing more to buy ever. Plus, it's so easy to install, you can do it yourself in under half an hour - guaranteed! It comes complete with three Door/Window Sensors to secure every entrance to your home, two Motion Detectors to guard the interior of your house, three Keychain Remotes to easily arm/disarm your system and turn on/off lights and more. Plus, you can expand it up to 16 Detectors/Sensors depending on how large your home is!

As an added BONUS, your wireless home security system also comes with three Door/Window Magnets. Simply connect these to any Door/Window Sensor, then connect them to another door or window so each Sensor can secure multiple entrances!

With the same peace of mind you get from a much more costly home security system, Protector Plus just makes sense!

Warranty: 1 year


  • Secure every entrance to your home - three Door/Window Sensors and three Door/Window Magnets included
  • Save money - no install charges, monthly fees or hidden costs
  • Avoid the hassle of a contract - with this wireless home security system, there are NO CONTRACTS!
  • Easy to arm/disarm the Protector Plus Home Security System - three handy Keychain Remotes included
  • Put the system in home mode to avoid setting it off at night
  • Protector Plus is both home security and home automation - turn on/off/dim/brighten lights by remote
  • Take it with you when you move - since these home security systems are wireless, you can easily pack them up and take them with you when you move

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