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We currently provide security services for various types of properties such as:

  • Government facilities & School Districts
  • Apartment and condominium complexes
  • Residential and Community Patrol
  • Industrial business
  • Commercial business
  • Construction sites

The high level of our team expertise enables us to customize our selection, training, services, and management support processes to meet the unique needs of each and every client, no matter the complexity or requirements of the business relationship.

» Qualified Security Officers
» Professional Management Team
» Short or Long Term Contract
» Electronic Monitoring Service
» Police Liaison
» Officer Protocol Inst. Manual
» Management Reports
» Log books
The INS team understands how important it is to assess the security needs of our clients. The foundation of our security program is our Vulnerability& Risk Management Assessment. These assessments are concentrated on potential criminal activity affecting access control, cameras, alarms, lighting, parking lots/decks, elevators and security guard stations.
The INS team prefers to hire experienced security professionals with either law enforcement or military backgrounds. Our officers are dedicated an continue to qualify,  train and develop their professional skills to provide our clients with the best quality service available. All officers are certified through the California State Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
We strive to supply our clients with security officers that represent both the client and INS in a professional and honorable manner. INS screens, and conducts background checks prior to placement on a clients property. We believe ongoing training and discipline are essential elements in the development of all security professionals.
The INS team provides its clients with twenty-four hour Field Supervisors and Site Inspectors. These senior managers are responsible for  checking each clients facility at random intervals to ensure that our officers are performing their assigned duties. We utilize the checks as an opportunity to evaluate post orders, survey the site for possible security recommendations and to review our officers log sheets to ensure all activities are properly documented.

The INS team  electronic monitoring system uses a bar code scanning device that allows us to verify the specific times an officer makes an area check. The officer carries the scanning device used to record each time a  checkpoint is inspected. Upon each scan made a date and time along with checkpoint information is recorded in the device. This allows us to  provide our clients with professional detailed reports that confirms when an officer check each designated location.

Our Services include, but are not limited to:
Uniformed Officer / Unarmed Concierge services / Plain Clothes, Bicycle-foot and  vehicle patrol,Internal Theft & Loss Prevention Services Security.
We service, but are not limited to, the following types:
Apartment Complexes/ Condominiums/ Commercial/ Industrial / Buildings/ Construction Sites.

Here's a list of a few services we provide our clients with:

Fully uniformed and radio equipped security officers;
Receptionist or entry security;
Sign in/out all authorized personnel;
Issue passes/badges, answer the phone;
Log in/out all activities, inventory control;
Active involvement in all safety measures, including fire prevention.
Property patrol, monitor all activities at front gate and exit;  
Common area lock-up: doors, windows, gates, etc.;
Escort customers and employees to their cars;
Maintain high visibility presence;
Written shift reports
SECURITY GUARD SERVICE - Our uniformed, trained, and experienced security officers can be provided on a temporary basis with little advance notice or on a long-term, contract basis. All INS security officers are required to adhere to our strict standards concerning diligence to duty, pride in appearance, reliability, courtesy, knowledge of their specific post duties, and are closely supervised to see that those goals are maintained. All security officers are screened and placed only on those posts for which they are qualified.
inspatrolvehicle.jpgMOBILE SERVICES I.N.S. currently operates numerous patrol routes in the Hi Desert area. We limit the geographical size of each patrol route to minimize response time to any emergency call or request for assistance or escort. All of our patrol officers are experienced, trained security personnel who have exhibited the ability to exercise appropriate judgment when handling varying problems, emergencies and unusual situations. All patrol officers are uniformed and drive distinctively marked security vehicles. Our patrol services can be tailored to fit each client's specific security requirements.
INSalarmresponse.gifALARM RESPONSE SERVICE - Our 24-hour alarm response division works closely with the client and his alarm system company to respond to an alarm in accordance with the client's security needs. All reported alarms are answered on a priority basis in order to ascertain the nature of the alarm. The response officer is trained to determine the cause of the alarm, inspect the facility, secure the premises, reset the alarm and notify the proper authorities as instructed by the clients.
Many of the services we offer require us to visit your site,evaluating your specific needs in order to quote a price.

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