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INS ensures reliable officer supervision with  Proof of route (POR). POR’s “check point” technology means that supervisors can continually monitor officers, and it provides you with a formal record of your supervisor’s activity.

How it works: Upon arrival, the supervisor touches his or her CHECK POINTchip permanently affixed to your site to record the date and time of his or her arrival. During the visit, the supervisor record up to 100 activities using proxyguard® system. When leaving, the supervisor touches the post check point chip again to record elapsed time and the activities of the visit. The visit information then is downloaded to create the Supervisory Tour Report.
Using PROXYGUARD® system is our Tour Confirmation System that uses proven “check points" technology, enabling officers to easily record and report events. Each patrol inspection is electronically recorded to ensure quality of service and provides you with consistent verification of the services performed.

How it works: Data chips are placed in strategic locations throughout your facility and patrol officers check these points at specified times on their tours of inspection. A full record is kept via software and provides thorough special reporting. These reports are made available to you on a monthly basis or upon request. The PROXYGUARD® system, allows us to monitor patrol officer performance, measure productivity, and capture on-site data to identify operational inefficiencies, maintenance problems, security vulnerabilities, or safety concerns.
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