"Your Peace Of Mind Is Our Job"



Someone just drove a car through the front window......Who’s going to watch your store until morning?


Peace of mind is an hour away.

When other security companies are still asleep, INS is ready to work. Any time of day, any day of the week, if you need additional or emergency security protection, INS can help. Pick up the phone and within an hour in most cases, we’ll have a security officer on-site protecting it. We’ll even send more resources if you need it. We can handle the entire transaction, from needs analysis to payment right there on the spot to make sure you get help fast.

If you need emergency security protection you’re just one phone call away from a solution, and one hour away from Peace Of Mind You Deserve.

Typical Emergency Situations include:

  • Alarm System Failure/Fire System Failure
  • Store Front Damage/Vandalism
  • Special Events and Last Minute Needs
  • Existing Security Guard no-shows (We can also replace them permanently)
INS GUARDS & PATROL SERVICES - 1-844-INS-INS-1  "Your Peace Of Mind Is Our Job"